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We pride ourselves on being local to the Carolinas and bring that personal touch to every job. Every crawl space has its challenges. Carolina Crawlspace Pros has vapor barriers with reinforced liners ranging from your basic 6 mil all the way up to sturdy 20 mil for Crawlspace Encapsulation. We only use the industries best products available. Santa Fe has the very best and dependable line of dehumidifiers and many to choose from.



Carolina Crawlspace Pros (Charlotte, NC)

Carolina Crawlspace Pros has over 25 years’ experience in the industry. We pride ourselves on being local to the Carolinas and bring that personal touch to every job.Controlling humidity is essential in the battle against mold. Carolina Crawlspace Pros use the industry’s leading products to protect the health of your home.

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What's Living Under Your Home?

When we generally think about unwelcome intruders in our home, we think of pests and pest infestations. What we forget to remember is an unsealed crawlspace, which can host a variety of unwelcome living creatures, from pests and rodents to stray (or even wild) animals!There are several reasons as to ...

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Humidity can be a Major Problem in Crawlspaces

There is a long list of issues that can create problems in your crawlspace and one of the most common is humidity. Those who live in areas where the humidity exceeds 55%, there is a higher chance that mold spores and dust mites will be more active. Mold spores will grow in great abundance if the con ...

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Damaging Moisture in a Home and How to Prevent It

Too much moisture can cause problems. Moisture in a crawl space is typically a sign of imminent trouble. There are various ways this issue can affect homeowners, which is why it is important to know just how much damage and inconvenience a little moisture can do. This article will discuss the proble ...

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The Standing Water Problem in Basements and Crawlspaces

Some homes are more susceptible to taking in water in their basement or crawlspace. Homes that are built in regions with high rain counts and moist soil may be more prone to standing water problems. The good news is that there are several precautionary measures you can take.When examining the outsid ...

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Mold Can Harm You and Your Own Home

Mold can be the silent and unseen cause of many different problems within a home. In many cases, the mold usually originates from a moist crawlspace or basement. It can affect the actual home as well as its inhabitants. This reality has led to several important factors every homeowner should know as ...

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Condensation Means It’s Time for Crawlspace Encapsulation

When hot air meets cold air, condensation is created. Inside a crawlspace, that produces humidity which can cause an array of problems. However, it is not as if homeowners can take a simple look inside and immediately figure out the humidity level in all parts of their crawlspace Charlotte. What the ...

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Crawlspace Moisture Can Grow Into a Larger Problem: Mold

Jeff from Carolina Crawl Space shows us a common problem found in crawl spaces in North Carolina, which is mold. North Carolina’s humidity creates the perfect environment for mold growth in unprotected crawl spaces but, that mold doesn’t just stay in a crawlspace. As the air continuously circulates ...

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Common Causes of Basement Leaks

One of the many things any homeowner dreads when it comes to the condition of their home is a leaky basement. Not only a wet basement it difficult to detect (until it becomes obvious), it causes a lot of damage within a short time - think warped wood, huge cracks and lots of mold and extensive rotti ...

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The Benefits of Crawlspace Encapsulation

Sealing off a crawl space in Charlotte is a smart move for homeowners as it provides a wealth of benefits. There are plenty of reasons for homeowners to go with this option and here is a look at how such an endeavor can work for you. Energy SavingsIt comes down to dollars and cents. The bottom line ...

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Crawl Space Vent Sealing and Why it is Done

The crawl space is usually the most-often ignored part of any house - it is, after all, a space that simply cannot be used for any purpose. What goes on in this place, however, can and does have a strong impact on your home and the health of its occupants.Once upon a time, houses were built by contr ...

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