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Water Systems & Air Purification in Charlotte NC

We are committed to servicing the Charlotte, NC area for all its water testing, softening and filtration needs. As a proud member of the Charlotte community, our team is dedicated to providing top-notch service at affordable rates throughout the community. Our air purification installation also extends beyond the city of Charlotte into the neighboring communities. Charlotte water testing and filtration is just a phone call away as our team is waiting to help you.

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Carolina Water Products (Charlotte, NC)

Carolina Water Products brings a host of services to the Charlotte area as we specialize in water testing as well as the installation of water softeners, water filtration systems and air purification systems. We use exclusively Rainsoft products in our installation, providing our customers with only the top products in the industry. If you are looking to add a well, sell a home, or enhance the health of your family, check out our affordable water services.

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How Your Tap Water May Be Drying Out Your Skin

There are lots of theories as to why skin conditions develop among people of all ages. However, many people may fail to take into account that water can actually cause and trigger certain skin conditions. But it is not just any kind of water. Tap water that has not been softened can create a myriad ...

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Groundwater Shows Traces of Pollution in North Carolina

Throughout the entire United States, there is the constant threat of pollution to groundwater. This means there is a strong chance that some of the water you drink could be polluted. It is also the same water used to bathe. This can lead to a number of negative health effects. The state of North Car ...

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The Risk of a Cheap Water Softener

Buying a cheap water softener may appear to be a smart investment. However, it is important to consider the repercussions of such an investment. Saving a few bucks may wind up being very costly in the long run. Here is a look of some of the risks that come with the purchase of a cheap […] The post T ...

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Chlorine in tap water – how much is too much?

Too much chlorine in drinking water is understood to be a common problem. However, it is important to understand why this is such a problem. Chlorine is actually a gas found in the environment and it is poisonous. When chlorine is in its purest form, it takes on the appearance of a green gas. Inhali ...

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