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Residential and Commercial Garage Door Services in Charlotte

Garage door service never stops as we provide all of our services to businesses and homes in and around the city of Charlotte, NC. Neighborhood Garage Door routinely provides garage door service for residential and commercial clients in the cities of Charlotte, Mint Hill and Mathews, NC. There is not just one reason so many North Carolina residents continue to utilize our services, but a many contributing factors that have made us such a popular choice.

Garage Door Services is Available 24/7

Neighborhood Garage Door Service & Repair All Brands of Doors & Openers

We offer a variety of Garage Doors in Charlotte, including:
Charlotte NC Residential Garage Doors
Charlotte NC Commercial Garage Doors
Charlotte NC Overhead Garage Doors
Charlotte NC New Garage Doors

Our Garage Door Services in Charlotte include:
Charlotte NC Garage Doors Repair
Charlotte NC Garage Doors Installation
Charlotte NC Garage Doors Replacement

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Neighborhood Garage Door (Matthews, NC)

Neighborhood Garage Door “The Original” is your top choice for garage door service throughout the Charlotte, NC area.

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The Importance of Garage Door Safety Awareness

Garage doors make life easier and more convenient for homeowners and businesses. However, there is a fair amount of safety awareness that should be attained when operating any kind of garage door. Since no one knows garage doors better than the original Neighborhood Garage Door Charlotte, their expe ...

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How to Buy New Residential or Commercial Garage Doors the Easy Way

Buying a new garage door for your home or business is not something that is done very often. If done right, it only has to be done once or twice in a lifetime. Here are some valuable pointers that will steer you through the process of buying new garage doors in Charlotte NC for your […] ...

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Tips on Buying a New Commercial Garage Door

Buying new garage doors for your business involves a lot more than choosing a particular style or color. There are several factors to consider when making this kind of purchase and here are some helpful tips on buying the right garage door for your business. The environment Businesses need to first ...

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Understanding When It’s Time for Commercial Garage Door Replacement

All businesses must be very aware of all the purchases they make. The wrong investment could negatively impact the overall business and the same can be said for a lack of investment in certain areas. Therefore, business owners should consider replacing commercial garage doors when any of the followi ...

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Springs are a Common Cause for Residential Garage Door Repair

A residential garage door relies on springs to open and close. Constant use will eventually cause a problem with the springs, which is not at all uncommon. Here’s a deeper look into how springs affect garage doors and what can be done about this issue. Broken Springs A broken spring is not difficult ...

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How Garage Door Maintenance Can Benefit Your Home or Business

Most homeowners make it a point to conduct regular maintenance on their homes and business owners have been known to do the same at their place of work. Garage doors should be included in this maintenance as it is a way to maintain curb appeal and extend the life of your garage doors. Here’s a […] ...

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Consider Curb Appeal Before Commercial Garage Door Installation Begins

Curb appeal is talked about a great deal when it comes to installing a residential garage door as it can increase the value of a home. However, curb appeal can also be a benefit to businesses. There is no reason that a business should not cater to aesthetics as well as functionality when installing ...

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How to Know When It’s Time for Residential Garage Door Replacement

Over the course of time, garage doors are going to eventually break down. In homes where garage doors are used as the main entryway, that could happen sooner rather than later. There will inevitably come a time for garage door repair and when repair is not an option anymore, it’s time for replacemen ...

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The Conveniences of a Commercial Garage Door Repair Service

Commercial garage doors, or overhead garage doors, are often used very frequently over the course of a day by all types of businesses. Sooner or later, problems will inevitably arise and that is when it pays to already have a commercial garage door repair service to call at any given time. Time Mana ...

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Best Ways to Utilize the Space in your Garage

We are often very prompt to clean and organize our homes to make it look as presentable and organized as possible, some of us more than others. When it comes to garages, however, things are not always as routine as the rest of the house. For a handful of reason, garage-cleaning usually ends up being ...

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